"Dos Versiones"
"Whispers of a Flaming Sun"
"Head in the Moon"
"Element of Desire"
"Cosmic Aura"
"Dying Star"
Each art piece has a way of speaking and resonating with each and every single person differently. 

Each art piece has a way of speaking and resonating with each and every single person differently. 

They serve as a centerpiece and talking point to any room.


Desiree Ruiz Velázquez offers one-of-a-kind original works of art full of metaphysical symbolism; only one of them exists in the world. Collecting originals is a form of investment; the piece becomes part of your family heirloom, been passed down for generations as the work goes up in value in the art market.

Browse and discover which pieces speak to you. Click to learn more about Desiree's available originals and fall in love with the story and narrative behind them.

Original Work of Art by Desiree Ruiz
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Browse and shop Museum Quality Giclée Prints. Only a selected few works have been chosen to be reproduced as Giclée Prints. 


All prints offered on this site are Fine Art Paper Prints, produced on acid-free, heavyweight archival matte paper. 

All art prints are artist-approved, hand signed by Desiree Ruiz herself. 


I'm an artist on Patreon! By supporting me on Patreon, you get access to content exclusively catered to you. You'll get to view my work and artist life through the Collector's Program lens, which means that you will get closer looks into my artistic process, receive exclusive rewards, and be the first to know about brand new unreleased original works of art & giclée prints.


All artworks and images found herein are protected by copyright law. The artist, Desiree Ruiz Velázquez, reserves all reproduction rights of the artwork and images in this platform. Nothing may be sketched, painted, photographed, reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without her express, written consent.