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"Desiree & Denise"


Oil on Canvas


20" x 20”

Private Collection - NFS


A heavily textured, original oil painting, executed with a palette knife. "Desiree & Denise" is a semi-abstract portrait and self-portrait of the artist and her sister. The piece is executed with the use and representation of different tones and varieties of celadon blue (a soft, silver blueish color), bringing out the essence of a celestite quartz, a delicate and soothing colored crystal believed to open communication with other realms.

All artworks and images found herein are protected by copyright law. The artist, Desiree Ruiz Velázquez, reserves all reproduction rights of the artwork and images in this platform. Nothing may be sketched, painted, photographed, reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without her express, written consent. 

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