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How Can I Collect the Art?

All artwork is for sale unless stated as NFS (not for sale). Each art piece has a way of speaking and resonating with each and every single person differently. Which piece spoke to you? Send Desiree an email to inquire about the piece that caught your eye. Only the work listed on the shop can be acquired directly on the website. To purchase any large artworks, you are welcome to connect with the artist.

Artworks will be marked as "Sold" only once the first or the full payment is made. No artwork will be put on hold prior any form of payment.  

Can I Commission Desiree for a Custom Painting?

Desiree is currently taking commissions, with a wait of about 2-3 months depending on the size and complexity of the piece. Desiree does not accept all subjects; each request will be reviewed before approval. Once a request is approved, a deposit is required in order for the painting process to begin. No work will be started before a 25% or 50% non-refundable down-payment. Transactions for custom paintings are made via PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, or Venmo. To receive a Commission Pricing Catalogue, you are welcome to email the artist. 

Placing an Order & Shipping 


Desiree handles all orders and shipping directly. Shipping & handling rates are calculated at checkout (before you pay) based on your address and chosen shipping method. After purchasing a piece, the work will be carefully packaged and shipped off 5-7 business days after the order is placed. Each painting and art print will be packaged in archival paper, bubble wrap, and edge corner protectors for safe delivery. Pieces will be shipped through UPS or FedEx with a tracking number.

Do You Ship Worldwide? 

I do ship worldwide. The checkout should work the same as any other order. 



Each original artwork has been made with all the love and care in the world. So much dedication and thought goes into each brushstroke, into each line, into each color choice. For that reason, all sales are final and non-refundable. Please take your time to read the description of each art piece carefully before acquiring it, and of course, always feel free to ask Desiree as many questions as possible.


Art prints are created on demand, custom to your purchase; each art print order is final and non-refundable.

Certificate of Authenticity 

All originals and limited edition prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

How Long Does a Painting Take?

It depends on a painting's size and the complexity. Some pieces may take less than two days while some others may take a month or two. Once the painting is fully done, an additional week is needed to allow all the oil layers to dry completely. Once dried, the varnish is applied and so the piece shall be ready to ship. You will receive a confirmation email whenever your piece has been shipped. 

Are Originals Available?


Originals are available and they can be directly acquired on the website's shop. 

Are Prints Available?

Only a select few works are available. Prints can be found as Fine Art Paper Prints here.


None of the artwork is currently framed. Artworks will be framed only upon client's request. The addition of a frame will increase the total of the artwork and it will be charged separately. To have an accurate quote of how much the total will be after the addition of a frame, contact Desiree Ruiz. Desiree will go over several framing options with you. Please note, the more intricate the frame, the higher the price will be. Once the order is placed, the art piece will be framed and it'll be ready to hang with its installed hardware. 

Payment Plans

Down payments and payment plans are available directly on the website. The payment plan Desiree uses is quite flexible to your preferences. You could choose to pay either weekly or monthly for up to the duration of 12 months. Please note that all payments are final and non-refundable. Once the first payment is processed, the piece will be marked as "sold" on the website. The painting will be held in the artist studio for you until it is paid in full, while shipping will be charged separately. You may email Desiree your shipping address at any time in order to receive an accurate quote. Payment plans are accepted for limited edition prints, original paintings, and commissioned works. However, it is a requirement that at least a 25% down-payment is done for the initial stages of a commissioned painting. To discuss and learn more about deposits and art financing, connect with Desiree.



All rights reserved. All artworks and images found herein are protected by copyright law. The artist, Desiree Ruiz Velázquez, reserves all reproduction rights of the artwork and images in this platform. Nothing may be sketched, painted, photographed, reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without her express, written consent. 

Why Join the Mailing List?

Joining the mailing list provides you the opportunity to connect with the artist. You get to discover insider-only behind-the-scenes aspects of works in progress along with exclusive first looks at latest collections and paintings before their release date. You also receive a full pricing catalogue on Desiree's new works before they are released to the public and be the first to know and get invited to upcoming art exhibits. Special offers and other surprises will most likely land on your mailbox, so definitely keep an eye out for those. And don't worry, Desiree won't spam your mailbox. She only emails only when necessary with exciting news once a month or less. To be a part of the mailing list, you may fill out the form below. 

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