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"Pathway of Celestite"


Oil on Canvas


36” x 48”

Private Collection - NFS


From the moment the pencil landed on the canvas as I started sketching out the image, I was thinking of my sister. From the moment the brush, smeared with oil paint, touched the canvas, I was thinking of Denise. I kept thinking of her hair, of the dresses she wore, of her as she walked or as she talked. She had the most precious, day-dreamy hair, so I made sure I captured that the best way my hands possibly could. I’ve had this image, for days, of her walking down this ethereal, beautiful pathway surrounded and filled with celestite quartz as she walks into what we call the unknown, which right now might no longer be the unknown to her at all.

One time I gave her the biggest crystal I’ve ever collected, which was a celestite cluster. I gave it to her along with a handmade letter I made for her on the meaning and properties celestite is believed to have. She kept the crystal on top of her drawer and she would make fun of me because every time I came to her room, I would grab it to admire it, to what she once said “you and that damn rock.” I laughed, because I know me and her did not believe or appreciated the same things. Yet it meant the world that she kept the rock out there and that she didn’t put it away. That’s why I made this huge painting with her on mind from start to finish, a piece I titled "Pathway of Celestite".

I can only now hope that your journey, wherever you are, is guided by those guardian angels the crystal celestite is known to represent. I am certain that your soul now glows as much as your contagious laugh did and that your truest self gleams with the peacefulness of this pathway of celestite. I love you endlessly."

All artworks and images found herein are protected by copyright law. The artist, Desiree Ruiz Velázquez, reserves all reproduction rights of the artwork and images in this platform. Nothing may be sketched, painted, photographed, reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without her express, written consent. 

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