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36 x 48 in.

Oil on Canvas


A lifetime fascinated by the depths of the ocean and the possibility of the existence of mermaids, Desiree Ruiz creates a window to this fascinating world we have yet to fully discover. "Just Being a Mother" is a one of a kind, hand painted original oil painting on canvas. Created to make its debut at the Orlando International Airport during Orlando's culturally diverse arts festival "FusionFest", which takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is a heavily textured oil painting, executed with a palette knife and impressionistic brush strokes. 

"Only 5% of the ocean has been discovered. It's pretty bold to say creatures such as mermaids, or nearly as similar, don't exist. Do we really know that?", is Desiree Ruiz's statement to her everlasting fascination towards mermaids and sirens. 

​"Just Being a Mother" is a narrative telling the subtle story of the yellow mermaid, who's caressing or fixing one of her daughters' hair; such a common act in mothers, symbolic of their many ways of looking after their offsprings.

This is the only registered work of art of Desiree that comes with a gift-for-purchase. Included with the painting, comes the initial concept sketch for the piece. Email the artist to learn more.


Signed and dated by the artist.

Ready to hang.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

"Just Being a Mother" ORIGINAL PAINTING

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