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36 x 36 in.

Oil on Canvas


The piece has been titled "Self-Reflection" in homage or reference to the introspective purposes of some occult practices such as Tarot reading and crystal healing. Many times, I seek to break the misunderstandings and the taboo that surrounds certain occult practices.

In my experience, these practices were used in order to do meditative work where you reflect on yourself and your life. The crystal ball in the painting is symbolic of the best known and most popular practice of divination, which is fortune telling or scrying.

Certain practices in divination often help you understand aspects of life and of yourself that you might not find elsewhere unless you look within. The double reflection in the painting are the literal personification of introspection. Whenever you do introspective work, it almost feels like you’re looking at yourself in a mirror in order to know and understand yourself mentally and emotionally as a human being and as a cosmic being.

The presence of rubies is attributed to the stone been considered throughout the years as the crystal of wisdom. And I think there is a lot of wisdom and a lot of strength to be gained when one is willing to know oneself in such a deep way.


Signed and dated by the artist. Ready to hang with installed hardware.


Comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


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