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22 x 28 in.

Oil on Canvas


"The Moon" is a heavily textured, one of a kind, original oil self-portrait painting on canvas.

In Tarot, "The Moon" is symbolic of illusions and the subconsciousness.

Although there is no moon in the piece itself, the title and the symbolism felt fitting.

In Tarot, there is no right or wrong at the moment of a reading, you can read a card either upright or in reverse, resulting in a different meaning. Its kinda how I feel with this painting; there’s no right or wrong with how you place it and how you view it, it is truly all about what you interpret from the angle you see it. It creates that sense of illusion of two opposing, conflicting portraits that yet coexist with one another


Signed and dated by the artist. Ready to hang with installed hardware.


Comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


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