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Desiree Ruiz is a Puerto Rican women's wear Fashion Designer
whose Ready To Wear collections have been showcased at
local runway shows during Orlando International Fashion Week. 

Also a contemporary oil painter, known for her ethereal female
portraits and signature crystal quartz studies, Desiree has shown
her works at art galleries in Central Florida as well as the Orlando
Museum of Art and the Orlando International Airport. In December
2021, she single-handedly, as an independent artist, organized
and curated her first solo exhibition "UNCERTAINTY REALMS, The Art 
of the Unknown", featuring over 43 original works of art.

Both her work as a fashion designer and as a contemporary 
artist are heavily influenced by the occult sciences and the dark

After facing unemployment in 2019, Desiree initiated her
Women's Ready-to-Wear project, "Desiree & Denise". It was
Desiree's way of honoring her sister, Denise, who was also in the
fashion industry as a makeup artist.


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